This pillar uncovers the strength of Wealth Protection providers who value all key stakeholders in the customer value chain, including the intermediaries who are agents and brokers, affluent customers, and emerging high-net-worth customers. In this Customer Satisfaction pillar, we are not simply looking for digital deployment and execution but for other qualitative aspects as well.

Available Categories for 2019 are:

The “Client Support” category aims to identify high quality providers who offer the best strategies and practices on after-care, ease of contacting a client service desk, availability of digital tools and ease of usage, supporting clients regardless of situation, assisting the client through administrative processes and ensuring that they understand each stage entirely, and, more importantly, keeping promises. The entrants will be prepared to answer questions about service level and commitment, their advocacy scores, the way and channels they engage with the clients, and the alignment between agents and the clients being served.

The “Advisory Services” category aims to identify high quality providers who offer the best in class level of service and process mapping, including having the best training process to equip agents/advisers on market and product knowledge, understanding genuine underlying customers’ needs for product mapping and goals alignment, providing advice that is relevant to the client, access to research contents and for up to date products, and the best tool to enhance the openness and transparency of clients’ underlying risks, pricing and charges over time.  There should be a measurement for the alignment between agent/client experience and the ongoing monitoring of satisfaction level. How do you know your customers are happy or unhappy, and what are the next steps? 

The “High Net Worth Client Servicing” category aims to identify high-quality providers who understand the unique needs of the globally mobile High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and their families and their unique liability risks that threaten their existing wealth and future earnings. They have products and guidance for HNWI in the areas of wealth preservation, legacy preservation, and relationship preservation.  The best-in-class providers can deliver specialized products and services crafted to address their unique needs in asset protection against creditors’ liability while being.  Judges will also be assessing claims handling, the onboarding process, proper risk profiling process and tools, ease of contact, response time to requests, agents ability to gaining an in-depth understanding of the HNWI and the family circumstances and best interests. 

The “Intermediary Support” category aims to identify high-quality providers who understand the changing landscape of insurance and the challenges intermediaries are facing today, such as digital, increased regulation, and cost of doing business.  Judges in this category will be looking for evidence in delivering practical and relevant training on both hard and soft skills, empowering intermediaries to become better in understanding clients’ needs, goal mapping and planning, avoiding complaints and managing them effectively, enhancing market and technical knowledge, marketing support and ideas generation as per the intermediary’s servicing segments, digital offerings to access client data and ease of administrative support, and for useful product mapping, etc..