This pillar on Brand is designed to identify best-practice providers that are excellent in associating their brands with their customers for their recognition and awareness.

1. Brand of the Year

The Brand of the Year Award is no longer open for submission.  The result is purely determined by the Voice of the Active Clients, Prospective Clients, and Non-Prospective clients, from the annual BENCHMARK Insurance Quality Study, which surveys over 2,000 qualified respondents with liquid assets of USD 100,000.   The key indicators we look for are beyond brand recall, but elements like the perception of the firm’s reputation, their attitudes towards valuing the clients, whether they are open and honest, and prioritize the clients needs over business revenues, etc..

2. Campaign of the Year

This category is about a specific campaign launched during the past 12 months between June 2018 and May 2019. What is the story behind the marketing campaign? Whether it is a product campaign, a re-branding exercise, or a campaign for a specific objective, tell us what are you trying to achieve. What is the significant impact on the story, and did you accomplish that mission? We are looking for the most memorable campaign with powerful, meaningful, and inspirational messages that are not commoditized or focused on pricing. The campaign must also deliver on what it promises and should be ethical, relevant, and inclusive.

3. Ad of the Year

The “Ad of the Year” category is also judged by the Voice of the Active and Prospective Customers. Submit your best Ad, which you think best connects with your target audience emotionally. It is an ad which you feel is believable and memorable and somewhat disruptive. Yes, it’s that simple. This ad could be a print ad, and outdoor ad, an announcement on the radio, or one designed for social media. You will receive genuine feedback from over 2,000 qualified respondents with over USD 100,000 liquid assets.  No writing submission is required for this category, and this panel of respondents will vote on your ad. 

4. Social Media Engagement

Social media is about connecting people and specifically companies’ ability to manage relationships and communicate effectively with their distribution partners and customers. The “Social Media Engagement” category recognizes companies who embrace social media as part of their producer relationship management strategies. They have built excellent social media tools and provide opportunities for people to collaborate and share information. 

Simply sign up for the category, and you will receive the feedback from our data partner, K-Matrix, which covers 70 social media platforms.  You will be ranked among other insurers by the Social Popularity Index (SPI) with sub-indexes in Customer Sentiment, Discussion Coverage, Social Voices, and Topics. Results are based on the total aggregated score from the SPI.