About the Customer Survey


It is WealthAsia Media’s mission to drive best practices in the finance industry, focusing on delivering the right client experience and advocating for the protection of investors and customers of financial services. Hence, we are conducting market research to gather client insights into the criteria for various awards, for instance, brand attributes, product quality, client experience metrics, and digital satisfaction with various affluent banks and insurance firms. These insights supplement the qualitative insights that the awards already generate through the invaluable feedback of veteran jurors.  

The exercise is implemented and executed by Scorpio Partnerships under the direction of BENCHMARK’s Awards Committee. The annual BENCHMARK Wealth Management Gap Analysis Report started with approximately 40 Smart Questions by using a Smart Questioning proprietary solution to devise a survey report that dives deeply into each client relationship and creates a comprehensive market overview. By asking the right questions in the right way through an interactive survey platform, we generate insights that help the Committee provide actionable recommendations. 

The key areas of the survey’s focus include 1) Brand Strength, 2) Good Governance, 3) Client Journey and Experience, 4) Product Propositions, 5) Digital Capability, and 6) Client Engagement Metrics, e.g. Osat, RMsat, NPS.

Companies are offered a chance to access the 70-page regional gap analysis report that covers the industry’s market landscape, client demand assessment and their own competency assessment.  Thus, companies are able to build on their strength and bridge the gaps of their shortcomings, when the competition is complete.  See the METHODOLOGY of this competition and how the report is used. 

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