Brand Strength


Available categories for 2019: 

1. Brand of the Year

The “Brand of the Year” Award is purely assessed by the voice of the customers and the voice of the advisors.  The scores are weighted by the brand perception, familiarity, acceptance and 12 other indicators responded by active clients, considering clients and non-considering clients, plus 8 indicators from the voice of the advisors.  

2. Ad of the Year

The “Ad of the Year” is purely assessed by the voice of the customers. We ask that you upload the Best Advertisement you believe that was most memorable, powerful and meaningful during the period of April 2018 and May 2019.  Your ad will be assessed by the customers through the survey through 5 key  indicators, and we are looking to award ONE AD that has stood out this year. 

3. Social Media Engagement

Social media is about connecting people and about companies’ ability to manage relationships and communicate effectively with their distribution partners and customers. The “Social Media  Engagement” category aims to identify high quality providers who embrace social media as part of its relationship management strategies, has built excellent social media tools, and has provided opportunities for people to collaborate and share information. We will be looking at your customer engagement strategies for social media in the areas of content strategy, response channels, how questions and complaints are dealt with, content pass-along strategies, and measurable business results.