About Us

Who we are, and more about our platform

What is Benchmark Exchange?

Benchmark Exchange is a knowledge exchange platform and an offshoot of BENCHMARK magazine, a 23 year household finance publishing brand that is owned by the WealthAsia Group, a  profit-for-purpose organization with a mission to drive best practices in the finance community by emphasizing social responsibility and advocating for investors’ protection.

We tackle the most pressing issues in the finance industry, covering all wealth and asset management sectors, all disciplines including governance, training, client servicing, compliance, sales and marketing disciplines, technological and ESG changes.

Benchmark Exchange is a member based platform and being a Corporate Member gives you access to:

  •  One complete bespoke report of the BENCHMARK Quality Study covering your sector, with 300 data points from over 2,000 qualified active clients, prospective and non-prospective clients, 3,000 insights from practicing wealth advisors, and insights from over 50 regional senior veterans on your operation
  •  An annual Wealth and Asset Management Sustainability Forum, followed by an awards dinner of a year time, featuring all Best-in-Class recipients from six financial services sectors
  •  Over 12 yearly workshops, including a CEO roundtable and 11 strategic financial services events every year, covering all disciplines
  •  An active community of decision-makers and influencers from across six financial services sectors

WealthAsia lives by the motto, “Live a life you love with prudent investing, responsible spending, and impactful giving!”