Commencement of the
Affluent Banking Quality Study 2019

What is the BENCHMARK Affluent Banking
Quality Study and why does it matter?

Encompassing all-rounded assessments of banking providers around the region

The study is an unbiased and independently funded survey that encompasses the most rigorous methodology The study reveals the banking operators’ practices on product propositions, client and advisor satisfaction, risk management, digital offerings and true brand value.

The study is conducted annually to serve as an important indicator of the banks’ long-term dependability.  The study integrates three major aspects – the Voice of the Customers (VOC) through an unaided survey and by natural fallout.  The survey analytics consists of 300 data points from over 2,000 qualified respondents with USD 100,000 investible assets; 3,000 active individual practitioners, insights from 30 industry most-respected veterans, and independent banking research that reveals the banks’ sustainability through the lens of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) by MSCI.

For consumers, it is crucial that they have the most accurate information before deciding on a bank for daily activities or wealth accumulation and protection, so there, you have it!