About the Awards

Being Good is Never Good Enough!

Success breeds complacency.  Complacency breeds failure.  Only the paranoid survive”, says the Intel Visionary, Andy Grove.

The Awards, on it’s 9th year, is now available in five countries – Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The Awards involve two distinct pillars for the recognition of best-practice Wealth Protection providers and Affluent Banking providers. 

It has never been clearer to us that the competition is fierce. Everyone is still chasing the highly penetrated market. Some players are new and hungry, some are cautiously protecting what they have, and some are striving for a balance between the two. It is encouraging to see companies in the emerging markets’ continuous dedication to surpassing and overtaking their competitors in their uniquely healthy and ethical ways.  

This year, in addition to our refreshing website, the Awards are subject to upgrades! BENCHMARK is excited to partner with Scorpio Partnerships, the engine behind the 3 largest global HNWI client insight programs, to execute and implement an industry benchmarking report for the Awards through the highest quality responses of respondents around the region.  The Customer Survey is aimed at enabling the committee to dive deeper into each client relationship and create a comprehensive market overview. Co-developed by WealthAsia’s Awards Committee and Scorpio Partnerships, with a focus on shedding light on how Affluent clients see and engage with the contestants, the Smart Questionnaire focuses on a few key Award areas: Brand Strength, Strength of Governance, Product Propositions, Digital Satisfaction, and Client Journey and Experience. Check out the Categories now!