Product Propositions


This pillar reveals the strengths of Wealth Protection providers who offer top-notch insurance products to match the diverse needs of affluent individuals and their families.

Available Categories for 2019 are:


Contestants are asked to demonstrate the success of their offerings based on the following key indicators:

  • Financial Strength – the ratings and sustainability ratios of the company.  Strength of the parent group and commitment. 
  • Product Strategy – the product’s commitment to satisfying long-term goals and objectives and it’s unique propositions.
  • Product Features – rates and premiums, flexibility, renew-ability, cash value and policy convertibility, pre-existing condition coverage, survival period, exclusions and inclusions, etc.
  • Value for Money – returns on savings, cash balance vs. life protection, income distribution, CV to Premium, breakeven, surrender charges, and etc.
  • Business – distribution platform and business growth.
  • Customer Care – the customer segment, the technology the company has adopted for customers to make claims, shop, get quotes, and buy products with.
  • Social Responsibility – agency and broker training rigor, transparency of policies, clarity of marketing materials, accessibility, and affordability, and etc.
  • Appendices  – a video link, screen captures, photos, etc.