Taking Part - The Submission Process

What to Expect in this Journey

A five-month experience to the most effective health check

Step One: Pick a Category Set

Depending on which region you are signing up, there are two sets of categories – Basic and Comprehensive, you can choose to showcase your ability or solely for a health check.  

Step Two: Prepare for Submission

Upon registration, you will be given an access link to the categories you have registered. You can then take a preview for the submission criteria of the categories, and review the specific criteria and key indicators required of you as proof of capability.

Step Three: Go through the Questionnaire

Each category consists of a set of questionnaire that is reflective of the KPIs for assessments. Some questions are close-ended, and some are open-ended. The scores are weighted by the importance of their factor towards the overall satisfaction.  

Step Four: Onsite Reviews

After one month of veterans’ deliberation of submission materials, an initial weighted overall score will be assigned to each participating company. BENCHMARK’s committee will attend a closed-door session with the company to carry out an initial sharing of findings and will allow a small window period for clarification and appeal.

Surveys Launched

Both the Voice of the Customers and the Voice of the Advisors will be launched and will stay open for 30 days before closing.  These surveys are unaided and completely independent, and no invitations for client solicitation will be extended to operators of this industry.  

Ratings Announced

Upon aggregation of all the data and scoring gathered from the Customer Survey, Advisor Survey, the Council and ESG, each participant of their entered categories will receive a scoring and a Quality Star Rating. 

Key Dates

Key dates* and deadlines for the Benchmark Affluent Banking Study 2019 (Hong Kong)

Registration Opens April 8, 2019
Registration ClosesApril 30, 2019
Submission DeadlineJune 14, 2019
Onsite ReviewsAugust, 2019
Ratings AnnouncedMid-November, 2019

Benchmark reserves the right to change any event dates without prior notice.


An exclusive 70-page comprehensive industry benchmarking report co-developed by BENCHMARK and Scorpio Partnerships will be available for purchase after the ratings and awards announcements are made.  See Customer Survey for more details.