About the Affluent Banking Study 2019
"Success breeds complacency.  Complacency breeds failure.  Only the paranoid survive", said Andy Grove, the Intel Visionary.

Unbiased and independently funded research

Voice of the Customers

Over 2,000 qualified individuals with liquid assets of USD 100k or above across Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan will share their  thoughts and insights towards providers in the respective markets which they actively use and those that they would consider using in the future. This is a research to conduct a study into the Affluent trends, consumption habits, experiences, perceptions and overall satisfaction of banking clients within the Affluent space for both their daily banking and investments services. Over 350 data points from each respondents who are existing clients, prospective clients and non-prospective clients, helps generate insights on their sentiments, convictions, selection drivers, and competitive analysis, etc.. for banking operators in the region.

Voice of the Advisors

Over 3,000 active advisors from the banking industry are expected to participate in the survey through our Supporting partners’ member base. The study aims to gather insights into the bankers’ sentiments towards the industry, their firm and rivals, and their attitudes towards clients.  From this study, banking operators will gain better understanding of how advisors are thinking about the firm’s leadership and culture relative to those of their competitors, what is driving them away from the firm, how they think their firm are delivering needs for success, such as technology, product, operational support, and who are the potential alternatives for them. 

Insights from Industry Veterans

Over 50 regional and international industry veterans are offering their insights throughout the categories being assessed. Based on a set of rigorous criteria and materials submitted by the company, the panel of veteran assessors will provide their evaluation of a firm’s strengths and shortfalls.  The panel of adjudicators are completely independent and are volunteers who share the same mission as WealthAsia, to drive best practices and setting a higher bar for the industry to safeguard investors interests.  They are senior veterans who either have once held senior management role in the banking industry, or they are qualified professionals in their respective areas. 

ESG & Social Responsiblities

Consumer behavioral shift, new entrants and talent leakage exacerbate banks’ resilience over the long-term.  Therefore, the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) contribution for their customers as well as the firm’s Business Involvement and any Controversial Policies in place will affect the ultimate interests of the consumers in general. The Banking Industry Report on ESG by MSCI  offers the panel a deeper dive into a firm’s social responsibilities, exposures, and ethics that goes beyond banks meeting stronger capital requirements.